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Well I'm wondering how far we could go concerning the communication/streaming. At the end of the day many events are life streamed from hackerspaces and most of the people are fine with that, recognizing it as an important thing to do. To be honest I can imagine that the places which have a bit more space could dedicate some "classroom" for example for chatting, life streaming, with the indication that this place is used for that and you should be aware of that. CCC events work in the way that there are "photo/video" restricted areas and rest is open. So I can imagine that one room or corner could be used like that in various hackerspaces. It depends on the people what they want and what they are aiming on.

It seems to me a classic example of "policy" which will have to be sorted at each space and will be "oscillating" during the time depending on the mood. However at this moment I feel like it is not a crucial part of the "sister city hackerspaces" discussion. We have another three years to go before the independent satellite network is suppose to be in operation (active for the CCC camp in 2015) and it seems to me that once this is functioning that should improve the situation. What do you think?

I wonder how many people would like to go forward with this and start to make this idea happen? I'm at this moment in Korea and unfortunately I'm not actively involved with hackerspace here. I'm busy but if there is something not too much time consuming I can chip some energy in :-) 


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Concerning the streaming between hackerspaces, I would be careful there. I'm supporter of interconnecting hackerspaces and movement as much as possible, having for  example some cool specifically looking "dedicated" machine at each hackerspace for communication of whatever type (audio, video), would be great (especially if we consider the upcoming satellite communication system which has to be coordinated somehow from various hackerspaces, right?). However I have seen some quite strong opposition of "cameras in the place" for example at Noisebridge. And in a way, I see the reason why to be careful there.

So Morse Ticker would be ok, right? 
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