[hackerspaces] Looking for musicians and artists from Hackerspaces to create awesome content

Bilal Ghalib bg at bilalghalib.com
Sat Aug 25 01:50:56 CEST 2012

Hello beautiful people of the world!

The middle east needs hackerspaces as much as we do. Perhaps even
more. With the political instability finding communities of people to
support you in creating anything you can imagine, or to share ideas,
food, internet access, hope is critical

GEMSI has been working to share the concept of hackerspaces in Egypt,
Lebanon and now we're extending our work into Baghdad. To find people
who have the do it yourself attitude who want to create and share
solutions to problems they face we're running a competition. We are
collecting stories of initiative in service of others here:

and turning them into comics like this:

I think it's beautiful to see hackerspaces support other hackerspaces
and I invite you all to be a part of the cascade of these community
spaces in the middle east! If you're an artist who would like to
illustrate one of these stories, or a musician who would like to
donate some of your audible splendor to some of the video production
we are doing please reply and let us know!

I hope you're all doing amazingly and feel free to chat with me anytime:
skype: helloBilal

Also, please share the story challenge page with anyone you know in
Baghdad! Hugs everyone!!!

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