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Hi all,

We received this today from Iain MacLaren who is a professor here in the 
local University - NUI Galway.

I told him I could forward it on and asked him to go into a bit more 
detail about the reason behind it.

"Thanks. It’s actually a fairly small initiative linked to a wider 
report on creativity and education which I’m preparing, the inputs from 
which will be discussed at a European meeting in Berlin in November. The 
main point is to touch base with makers and see if they have comments to 
make on educational experiences, etc.  The more respondents the better 
really. I’ll be presenting it at a formal educational forum and trying 
to raise their awareness of this type of activity, its scale and the 
passionate commitment of those who participate as part of a drive to 
start to rethink what we mean by education. So by all means circulate."

So if you have the time to answer the survey, please do. If not, then no 
worries =)


I'm sending him Jarkko's survey results as I reckon they'd be handy - 


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I know, I know, I know. E-mail is full of 'please take just five minutes 
of your time to complete our survey' type requests. It's often a pain. 
Some are clearly a waste of time, but others might be valuable to 
someone, might help a struggling researcher complete their work or 
student get a qualification. Then when you do decide to help out by 
completing the form, some of the questions make you want to tear your 
hair out. 'No! That's a stupid way to phrase it' or 'Well I don't fit 
any of those categories'.

You know the feeling, I'm sure. The problem is what to do when you 
actually do have a survey that you need others to fill out? How can you 
persuade people to devote some of their attention towards some tickboxes 
and, even worse, writing some comments and suggestions? It's a tough 
one, because you sympathise but you need the data! You really need the 
data, because you are going to want to be able to make a difference to 
some proposed education reforms, to help future learners and to inform 
policy makers. What can you do?  There's a deadline, there's a group of 
people in Europe waiting to hear from you. You need data!!

So, you're stuck then to grovelling, to asking really kindly, to hoping 
beyond hope that someone out there realizes that you are genuine and 
that this is worthwhile and that it also helps just to connect even for 
a few minutes with the wider community out there. You understand, don't 
you? You want to help, I can tell and I'm really grateful.  You just 
click here.

maker survey form 



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