[hackerspaces] How do you do accounting, membership, access, etc?

James Carlson james at schoolfactory.org
Thu Aug 9 08:38:42 CEST 2012

Space Federation is hosting a hackathon to continue work on the ultimate
system we all imagine (OSS, OSH) and it looks like these existing efforts
might move it forward.

We started in April with an unconference to develop requirements and now
12-aug is a hackathon to build.

http://bit.ly/doorhacks for the G+ event
http://atrium.schoolfactory.org/spacefed/accesshacks to get background and
see what we came up with in April.

Hope you can join us! We are hosting a 3d printing meetup same day (at
Bucketworks in Milwaukee, which has a system similar to i3 as described) so
it should be a fun day!

A lot of new and growing spaces could really use a kit like this.

On Thursday, August 9, 2012, Will Bradley wrote:

> Hello from HeatSync Labs!
> Dues payments come in through PayPal, recurring checks, and to a lesser
> extent Dwolla and cash/Square. We strongly encourage recurring payments.
> Money is tracked by the Treasurer (a human) who records things in
> QuickBooks; we also have a CPA.
> Our delinquency reports are severely lacking and I'm in the process of
> auditing for the first time in months.
> New members are sent an email with links and given an in-person training;
> our website and its link to Google Groups is emphasized repeatedly.
> Members don't automatically get card access, but when they do they are
> manually added to the RFID door lock system (23b's Open Access Control) via
> SSH/serial.
> Login credentials for Mediawiki are available freely now that we installed
> security question plugins, and our Wordpress blog has been relatively
> lacking in participation but we have given out logins.
> ----------
> I agree there is a need for The Ultimate Hackerspace Software however our
> own effort has stalled (https://github.com/hackerspacemanagement/) -- the
> objectives you mentioned are on my todo list. I've got an incredibly
> hackish version of the OAC software which is network-enabled as a first
> step towards synchronizing.(
> https://github.com/zyphlar/Open_Access_Control_Ethernet) We also have
> written Ruby serial code to give a basic locking/unlocking/status API to
> the space since we use maglocks. (
> https://github.com/zyphlar/Open-Source-Access-Control---Web-Interface)
> I'd love nothing more than to get some simple, pop-in code for the OAC
> hardware for user account syncing, plus a simple membership management
> software (delinquency, etc.) If you've got energy to do it, feel free to
> contact me offlist.
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