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If you keep up with BoingBoing or the EFF, you've probably heard about HOPE
Number Nine, 2600 Magazine's conference happening 13-15 July 2012 at the
Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. You might even have asked yourself
"how can I contribute?"

This year's badge is going to be an extra special collaborative art
project, an homage to the work hackers have been doing since HOPE began in
1994. We'd love for you to be part of it. We're asking for hackerspaces and
similar groups all over the world to contribute something that represents
their community-- logos, posters, schematics, and other visual mementos
with which you identify-- to be included in a conference-wide display that
will represent activism, technology, art, and anything else about which
you're passionate. The badge will be extremely visible, and you'll be able
to wear it with pride.

If you want to share your passions in a very simple and easy way, send your
art sample to hackerspace at hope.net. Please use SVG format for images, and
include a paragraph about why your project or community is awesome.

Additionally, we've put a call out for cool projects your hackerspace might
want to show off, such as trans-continental balloons, DNA computers, cube
satellites, open-source lathes, mills, 3D Printers, laser cutters, and
more! We'll also have a 24/7 workshop area where people can collaborate at
the conference. Email hackerspace at hope.net for more information, or check
out http://www.hopenumbernine.net.

PS: for the month of April, HOPE will donate 10% of ticket proceeds to the
EFF to further the fight for digital freedom.
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