[hackerspaces] Tips on making passport stamps?

Martin Ling martin-hackerspaces at earth.li
Fri Sep 30 11:37:53 CEST 2011


Now that Mitch's passports are everywhere and our space has just voted
on a new logo, it's about time we made a stamp. But how to fabricate
one? I googled around for what other spaces had done and all the ones I
saw just did a design and sent it out to a commercial stamp manufacturer.
That doesn't seem very hackerspacey to me.

So, does anyone have tips to share on making your own? What materials
work best, just rubber (what sort?) or something else? We have a CNC
mill and a 40W CO2 laser cutter/engraver. Can you mill rubber without
just making a mess, can you laser engrave it deep enough to create a
usable stamp, if so what sort of settings did you need? Or is there a
way more low-tech process for spaces without these tools to use, that
still gets great results?

Tips welcome, then I will run some experiments and post our results.


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