[hackerspaces] Cleanliness in your Hackerspace?

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Hi Tim and All,
What are you describing  sounds like a quite efficient system. I think that the hackerspaces should not be afraid to hire bit of external help with some regular cleaning, there is no shame in it and lets be honest hackers are not by nature the most organized and cleanliness loving creatures. 

I'd maybe add that buying a good quality cleaning equipment, decent ecologically friendly detergents and dedicating area to keep/store all of these helps. At least it helped during my time in Noisebridge, SF



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There's the broken window theory, wherein a little mess begets a bigger mess, so if you stay on top of little messes and keep the space relatively organized people will be more mindful of their mess and clean it up.  We have white paper on our tables to make it more obvious that it's supposed to stay clean.  Also, it's a nice place to doodle projects.  

Also, Pumping Station: One has given free memberships to several people for the position of "area host".  That person is responsible for keeping a part of the space organized.  Ours are the wood shop, electronics area, textiles, and graphic arts.  We're also looking at hiring a part time employee for various upkeep activities including cleaning.

On Wed, Sep 21, 2011 at 10:06 AM, h0uz3 <h0uz3 at foto23.com> wrote:

>How good or bad does it work in your space to keep it clean and tidy?
>Recently I have to yell at people regularly to make them put away their
>empty bottles or spend half an our a day to collect these empty bottles and
>paper from snacks or whole pizza boxes (sometimes even with alive pizza in
>it). Is there a good solution for this?
>People very often don't clean the kitchen after using it or just put their
>tables on the counter istead of checking if there's some space left in the
>dish washer and/or turning it on and/or taking the dishes out and putting
>it where it belongs.
>We clean the space every weekend completely, people clean up the kitchen,
>get rid of old paper and pizza boxes and stuff, but during the week a lot
>of people seem to just leave their wast right where they were and leave "in
>a hurry". Sometimes the cleaning rage isn't over for 24 ours and the
>kitchen looks even worse than before.
>Somehow I feel like enough people don't care to mess up the whole place.
>Best example: I wanted to use my computer and found it with a gooey
>keyboard and mouse. Cleaned it thoroughly. Same thing happened the next
>day, this time the mouse ball wasn't working anymore.
>I guess shouting, cussing and cursing at people all the time makes the
>space even less likable than it's already by being so filthy...
>Any ideas?
>Kein Footer.
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