[hackerspaces] Infuanfu to found AFRA in Berlin

K. Bronsen housetier at c-base.org
Thu Sep 8 22:04:12 CEST 2011

Good day Everyone!

One of my 'projects' has finally gone ahead and will support the
founding of a new hackerspace in Berlin, Germany.

It's called AFRA, which is the German version of DORD (Department of
Redundancy-Department) and has a strict policy regarding alcohol and
nicotine: they are forbidden.

So, if you are in Berlin on the evening of Friday, September 9, and want
to meet up, go to Weichselstr. 35 in Berlin-Friedrichshain (not
Neukölln!), ring the bell labeled "Pommerenke" and go up two and half
flights of stairs.

If you get lost or I seem to ignore the bell, give me a call at

The plan is to start at 21:00 or 9pm. There will be non-alcoholic
drinks and sweets and snacks, maybe a salad if someone brings one.

Early birds get to help cleaning and setting up. :)

Maybe we will get around to hack some software or the German language,
or maybe we will just talk about ourselves...

There is a mailinglist afra at infuanfu.de, to which you can 'subscribe'
by sending it to afra-request at infuanfu.de or you visit
http://infuanfu.de/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/afra and fill out the form
there. You KNOW how this works :) However there is no website yet...

Also infuanfu cannot provide sleeping arrangements as the couch has
already been taken by someone I know.

Still, I hope to see some of you tomorrow or at the next meeting!
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