[hackerspaces] Idea: Mini-Camps in even years

Walter van Holst walter at revspace.nl
Fri Sep 2 12:03:46 CEST 2011

On 9/1/11 3:12 PM, James Arlen wrote:
> Things are so much different for you crazy europeans - you can drive through about 8 countries before some of us can drive out of the province we live in!

That actually is a bit of a myth. There were people from Macedonia at 
CCCamp2011, and the distance they had to travel was equal to about 1600 
km overland, while traveling from Atlanta takes about the same distance.

If you realise that the Eastern seaboard of North-America is roughly 
equally densely populated as Western-Europe, the difference isn't that 
big anymore.

There are obivously lots of other things that may or may not explain the 



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