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Todd todd at cruxtech.net
Tue Oct 18 16:37:49 CEST 2011

There does not appear to be any mechanism for preventing people from 
gaming the system in that, it looks a lot like a glorified polling 
system. Which drupal already has.

On 10/18/2011 9:02 AM, Nils Hitze wrote:
> tl;dr;
> Liquid Democracy maybe?
> http://liqd.net/en/
> 2011/10/18 Todd <todd at cruxtech.net <mailto:todd at cruxtech.net>>
>     Hello everybody, I come to you with a challenge!
>     I helping the occupy Chicago movement get organized. A constant
>     request that I get is for web based voting.
>     The requirements are that is be  difficult if not impossible to
>     game the system. The way I think this can be implemented is by
>     requiring everyone who wants to vote, has to show up once to
>     register to vote. During this process we would give them some type
>     of PIN or unique ID that would be different then their login and
>     password, which they must enter in order to vote. And to make sure
>     a single person does not sign up multiple times we would take each
>     persons picture as part of the registration process, but it would
>     be a side profile picture so people do not need to worry about us
>     putting it in some govt database. If all the pictures are a side
>     profile with the same backround, we should be able to do basic
>     enough facial recognition to make sure the same person isn't in
>     there twice, but not enough that it could be used for anything else.
>     I am unfortunately not a programmer. I am not looking for someone
>     to write facial recognition software. Only the voting part. If it
>     can be done securely I would like to integrate this system into a
>     drupal site. But even if it is all done in perl, that is fine.
>     This email is mostly to get preliminary information from those
>     more experienced then I in programming to see what the
>     possibilities are and get an idea of how I should approach this.
>     Direct Democracy is a pretty big challenge, think you are up to it ?
>     Eventually if this works I would like to spread it to the occupy
>     movements around the globe. Currently there are 870 cities
>     participating.
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