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Willow Brugh willow.bl00 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 15 18:31:07 CEST 2011

I know this has been done to some extent before, but we're having another go 
of it. Better faster stronger and all that.

SpaceCamps exist as a venue for facilitators and founders of hacker and 
maker spaces to speak to each other on the meta level of the maker movement 
and the associated responsibilities. SpaceCamp has taken place at Maker 
Faire San Mateo, Detroit, and New York. It's also taken place for the 
Seattle ecosystem and informally at Chaos Communication Camp in Germany. 
This first global Camp will bring together people from all over the world 
(ok, mostly North America until our budget is better) for a focused 2-day 
event. We will all learn from each other's victories and mistakes, design 
new patterns for our space processes, and walk away from the event with 
deeper ways to interact with each other. See planning and join in the action 
at http://atrium.schoolfactory.org/spacecamp Let’s get together and have 
dedicated time to learn from each other. Come prepared to present, as this 
will be an unconference format. We're working on getting funding for travel 
scholarships, and we'll all throw in together to cover food and drink. 
Tracks fall into the general categories listed above, and might include 
things like "If you could go back in time, what lessons would you impart to 
yourself (and how would you get you to listen?)" "Pokelhaftigkeil (the slump 
in energy after formation)" "Succession Planning" and "avoiding recreating 
hierarchical systems when trading time for dues" (add more ideas to the 
Atrium blog - please tag appropriately and comment a +1 on ideas you like). 
We’ll be capping attendance at around 350. 
Where is this happenings? Well, there are so many fantastic venues that 
we're doing a call for venue to kick things off : bit.ly/spacecampvenue
The offered space must be able to comfortably and safely house the 200-400 
expected attendees. The event will take place from early Friday evening to 
late Sunday evening some weekend in April or May.

Willow Brugh // willowbl00 <http://blog.bl00cyb.org/>

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GameSave <http://gamesave.gwob.org/> ; Jigsaw<http://jigsawrenaissance.org/>
 ; Space Federation<http://schoolfactory.org/content/space-federation-overview>
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