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Yves Quemener quemener.yves at free.fr
Mon Oct 10 13:37:25 CEST 2011

I'd really love to have feedback on people who set up a Vermont virtual

> Well sorry I don't have a better answer than being freelances, but
> that's a really interesting subject.
> btw french "associations loi 1901" can have employees.
> Foundations maybe world-wide ?
> How does greenpeace works? (for example) I think they're based in
> Amsterdam and pay their employees normally...(?)
> my 2 centavos. any one has infos on that?

French associations can indeed have employees but providing a commercial
service under this status is considered illegal. I don't know how they
can make a difference, but I guess that this is not the ideal structure.

>From what I know, Greenpeace can exist worldwide in the same way any
multinational corporation can exist : they set up structures in every
country they operate in, and in the case of companies, the HQ structure
owns the shares of the other structures (but I guess that more complex
set ups exist to evade the IRS... er, I mean to "optimize" fiscality.)
They are big enough to have administrative staff in every country, but
that means that they open up a structure in a country only once they
have 5 or so militants there.

Similarly, a company will create a structure in a country only if it
needs to manage 4 or 5 people there. There seems to be no way to simply
have a 1 person in one country working in a foreign company. Google
tried to do that (hiring people in Europe under Irish work law, IIRC)
but they have come under legal fire for that practice.

I think a lot of projects exist out there that cannot start for lack of
a legal structure that allows a small number of people from different
countries to share a profit.

I would be very interested in a discussion about how to set up a
framework to make such projects possible. Where are the legal hackers ?
We have many tools to make it possible but I think it requires a special
handling of every nation's legal context. Has this work ever be done ?
How can we avoid duplication of efforts ?

> --David
> PS: found that link right now > https://picomoney.com/ (thx Hellekin)
> Le 07/10/2011 21:06, Yves Quemener a écrit :
>> I take this opportunity to ask a serious question
>> On 10/07/2011 02:43 PM, metabaron at massmulti.org wrote:
>>> @David : working around open-source, from home, I can say it's hard
>>> to make
>>> a salary every month as freelance. so making part of a real
>>> organisation
>>> (not franc-maçon like hopefully) with a real status and real
>>> employes makes
>>> sense to stabilize revenues... like a distributed open-organisation,
>>> which
>>> would have bounties on tasks it needs and workers around the world (?)
>> Is there a way for people from different countries to work together in a
>> small structure ? I was surprised and shocked to see that it seems
>> abnormal
>> to want to associate with a competent person in another country when you
>> are not a big company. The only solution seems to be each other
>> freelance
>> and exchange bills.
>> If anyone has an idea about how to improve this situation, I would be
>> very
>> interested. Someone mentioned to me the Vermont virtual company
>> status but
>> I couldn't understand if a non-US citizen could legally create one.
>> When confronted with this problem I understood better the mindset behind
>> the creation of bitcoins.
>> I have been pondering about the possibilities for freelancers to form
>> temporary companies to complete projects and share revenues. I see
>> how to
>> do that within the French legal system but that is not satisfying to be
>> restricted to one nationality.
>> When will legal hackers create an abstraction layer for all of us,
>> users of
>> incompatible system, to be able to create structures together ? I have a
>> bunch of crazy ideas but I would like to know if some people have found
>> working solution for this kind of problem. And if you find a solution
>> that
>> would allow a French and a Japanese freelance to work together, that
>> would
>> be awesome.
>> Yves
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