[hackerspaces] HACKING IS NOT A CRIME vinyl stickers..

Severin Schols severin at schols.de
Wed Nov 30 16:41:26 CET 2011

I guess shipping them over to Europe might be quite expensive, but if 
you shared the finished design, we could print another batch over here 
and send them out to other spaces (or bring them to 28C3).


Am 29.11.2011 20:55, schrieb Mars brown:
>  From the thread regarding the sometimes negative connotations that the
> terms hack, hacker, hacking, etc sometimes holds in a public eye...
> For fun I'm offering to make up some vinyl cut stickers that say
> kind of like the old SKATEBOARDING IS NOT A CRIME style.
> Any HSpaces that dig the idea... post up or email me your address and
> I'll send them to ya.
> Gonna start with 20-40 per space up to say 400 -500 stickers over all.
> If there is a big demand then maybe I can screen print like traditional
> bumper stickers so it's not so labor intensive.
> Cheers!
> mars

Severin Schols // tiefpunkt

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