[hackerspaces] Out with the "hackers"... In with the "makers" and the "fixers"

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Tue Nov 29 05:57:25 CET 2011

First two pages of a Google search on "hacker" (no hyperlinks included
-- you can find these yourself on Google).  There may be a  few
positive uses of the word in this list, but they're hard to find among
the negatives.  Say what you will, this is what the world conceives
hackers to be.  You folks can try to buck this trend, but I have
better ways to spend my time than to defend a word that is of no
importance to me.


    Hackers prey on smartphone use at work during holidays
    ‎    USA Today - Byron Acohido - 11 hours ago
    The convergence of two trends has created a ripe opportunity for
hackers looking to crack into corporate networks this holiday ...
    USA Today
    Hacker group threatens action over bus passenger kidnappings
(This story may be positive, depending upon your point of view.)
    KGBT-TV - Sergio Chapa - 1 hour ago
    The hacker group Anonymous is planning to attack websites related
to bus passenger travel in Mexico on December 10th. ...
    Beware of Cyber Monday hackers
    WALB-TV - Ashton Pellom - 6 hours ago
    One scam that's going around is Phishing, where hackers try to
steal your personal information through bogus ads or e-mails. "You'll
get an email from ...

    In-Depth: Amid Cyber Monday Deals, Cyber Scams to Watch for‎ Fox News
    Don't let hackers ruin Cyber Monday‎ WWLP 22News
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    Peter Hain warned computer may have been hacked by private detectives   ‎
    The Guardian - 7 hours ago
    The investigation into computer hacking is being carried out by
detectives ... These involve a hacker sending a computer virus to the
target's computer. ...
    The Guardian
    Hacker releases new batch of climatology e-mails just before ..    ‎
    Ars Technica - John Timmer - 7 hours ago
    The release of a series of e-mails apparently stolen from the
University of East Anglia's Climatic ...
    The heat is on, yet again‎ Deccan Herald
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    Four Hackers with Alleged Terrorist Links Arrested in Philippines
    ITProPortal - Ravi Mandalia - 17 hours ago
    Law enforcement agencies have found evidence which links four
arrested hackers to a terrorist group in Saudi Arabia. According to
the Philippines Criminal ...
    Hungarian Hacker Pleads Guilty To Blackmailing Marriott Hotel Chain
    XpatLoop.com - 1 hour ago
    "Hungarian Attila Németh on Wednesday pleaded guilty in a
Baltimore court on charges of attempting to blackmail the Marriott
hotel chain after hacking into ...
    Opinion: Hacker cuffed in job interview sting with hotel he
blackmailed‎ Register
    Sting Operation Snares Hacker Attempting To Blackmail Marriott For
...‎ Dark Reading
    Hacker demanded job from mega hotel chain‎ TechEye
    Car Rentals
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    No evidence of hacking at Illinois water plant, says DHS
    Fierce Homeland Security - David Perera - 10 hours ago
    23 a leaked report from an Illinois fusion center asserting that a
hacker with a Russian Internet protocol address destroyed a water pump
at the ...
    Illinois water pump failure not a cyberattack‎ SC Magazine US
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    The Atlantic Cities
    More than 1 in 5 Americans are economically insecure
    CNN - Tami Luhby - 9 minutes ago
    Hacker, who launched the Economic Security Index with a team of
researchers ... While economic insecurity increased across the board,
Hacker's index found ...
    Recession hits families hard as half of Americans fear they won't
...‎ Daily Mail
    More than 1 in 5 Americans economically insecure: report‎ Shanghai
Daily (subscription)
    all 58 news articles »	
    Daily Mail
    Mobile device hackers lurking for Cyber Monday shoppers
    KING5.com - Chris Clackum - 11 hours ago
    Well, that's a hacker's heaven right there,” said Bob Sullivan of
MSNBC.com. One of the top ways to protect your money is to use a
password that stays away ...
    Cyber Monday a hacker's heaven‎ WOAI
    Cyber Monday Safety‎ Valley News Live
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    News archive results for hacker
    May 21, 1927	
    New Air Exploit .Ill Hacker Is He Is Ready To Attempt .Flight .To ...

    Spokane Daily Chronicle
    May 9, 1957	
    Cleveland Homers Rout Yankees .Hook, Hacker Making Life Rosy For ...

    Deseret News
    Jul 8, 2011	
    Report: tabloid's hacker targeted dead soldiers - seattlepi.com
    Maple Story Hacked, 13.2 Million Users' Details Stolen
    GamePro.com - Chris Holt - 4 hours ago
    Per The Korea Herald, on Thursday Nexon discovered that the hacker
"gained access to names, game IDs, resident registration numbers and
passwords. ...
    Nexon says hacker accessed 13.2 million online game users'
information‎ The Korea Herald
    13 million MapleStory players at risk after hack - casting a cloud
...‎ Naked Security
    all 99 news articles »	
    The Nation, Pakistan
    Ex-News Corp. Hacker in UK Appeal to Avoid Naming Names
    BusinessWeek - Erik Larson - 9 hours ago
    The appeal today comes as phone-hacking victims are giving
testimony to a separate judge-led inquiry examining the behavior of
the press. ...
    BBC News
    Java Flaws Exploited in Hacker Kit
    NewsFactor Network - Jennifer LeClaire - 8 hours ago
    But hackers are nonetheless haunting the holes and some are
suggesting enterprises scrap Java. At some level, it should come as no
surprise. ...
    Climate Conference Opens In South Africa After an “Anonymous ...
    allvoices - Dava Castillo - 12 hours ago
    The anonymous hacker source is said to be from the same location
as the 2009 Copenhagen hacked emails. The Climate Conference features
national officials, ...
    NI agent handler Ian Hurst tells Leveson of computer hacking
    BBC News - 15 hours ago
    He said a hacker had told him we was targeted because of his work
in NI. Mr Hurst said he served in covert units between 1980 and 1991
in Northern Ireland ...
    Leveson Inquiry: I confronted man who hacked me, says former army
...‎ Telegraph.co.uk
    Leveson inquiry: Ian Hurst says police involved in 'News of World
...‎ The Guardian
    all 12 news articles »	
    BBC News
    Bowling Green City Website Hacked
    WBKO - Michael Gossum - 1 hour ago
    The hackers called the "Ashiyane Digital Security Team" broke into
the ... "Sometimes within the hacker community, you gain credit for
showing you have the ...
    City's website hacked, no information compromised‎ WDRB
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    Hackers 'hit' US water treatment systems
    BBC News - Nov 21, 2011
    Hackers are alleged to have destroyed a pump used to pipe water to
thousands of homes in a US city in Illinois. Hackers with access to
the utility's network ...
    In-Depth: Hacker Apparently Triggers Illinois Water Pump Burnout‎
    Hacker: I broke into water plant‎ CBS News
    H(ackers) 2 O: Attack on City Water Station Destroys Pump‎ Wired News (blog)
    Sydney Morning Herald
    all 502 news articles »	
    Sydney Morning Herald
    Twitter Just Bought This Hacker To Improve Its Security
    Business Insider - 9 hours ago
    Twitter just acquired a two-man mobile security show run by hacker
Moxie Marlinspike and security researcher Stuart Anderson, according
to a report by ...
    Highly Cited: Twitter Acquires Moxie Marlinspike's Encryption
Startup Whisper ...‎ Forbes
    Twitter Acquires Whisper Systems, Security Boost on the Way?‎ PC Magazine
    all 72 news articles »	
    The Age
    Konami Beefs Up Security to Prevent Future Hacker Attacks
    Just Push Start - Phillip Price - 9 hours ago
    Although Konami has yet to come under attack from hackers (that we
know of anyway), this is not stopping them from taking a proactive
approach to this new ...
    Gaming Union
    Leveson inquiry: Charlotte Church, Anne Diamond, Chris Jefferies ...
    The Guardian (blog) - 8 hours ago
    Northern Ireland human rights charity boss Jane Winter says the
hacking of ..... Mr X, the hacker referred to earlier by Hurst, had
documents on her, ...
    Leveson Inquiry hears claims of newspaper computer hacking‎ Naked Security
    Leveson inquiry: 28 November - key events‎ MSN News UK

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