[hackerspaces] Out with the "hackers"... In with the "makers" and the "fixers"

Frantisek Apfelbeck algoldor at yahoo.com
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Nice one! I agree! Let's hack :-))


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I try my best to not have my vocabulary refined and dictated by
mainstream media. One of the general goals of Noisebridge is to educate,
part of that is to reclaim the term hacker as our own.

While visiting Pumping Station: One about a year or so ago, a discussion
got thrown around regarding doing exactly what you're proposing. Some
members felt the catch phrase "Chicago's Hacker Space" (or was it "Your
Chicago's Hacker Space" don't remember) was spreading the wrong message.
Anyhow the discussion went in circles for that night and no one really
won (where I see this thread going). I see now they're catch phrase is
"Make. Hack. Craft." which I think is great and works for both crowds.

Additionally to people "making" and "creating" stuff at Noisebridge, we
also totally hack things in the conventional sense.

If I gave up and let mainstream media and the general public direct me
in what words to use when describing who I am because I didn't want to
spend the time to educate them, I would have a white armband on with
CAMEL JOCKEY RAPIST HACKER". I would throw STEAM PUNK in there (there's
a true story behind that) but that might seem a bit ironic for the wrong
reasons. :)

rubin at starset.net

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