[hackerspaces] RANT!: SO VERY frustrated with lack of local activity :( Warning: some negative energy present - sorry

Frustrated fo sho ??? frustratedfosho at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 02:54:19 CET 2011

I've been this close (picture two fingers squeezed tightly) to starting a
new space for over a year... but I can't get over the feeling that it would
hurt feelings even if there is no activity (I mean NONE).  I know a lot of
people interested in a new space - but they won't have anything to do with
this present space as it is.  It's a shame. :(
It's just dying... and I really would like to see it survive and
flourish... but has steadily been wilting like the interest of a child who
is disappointed with the overhyped toy they had to have for christmas.

Let me propose a hypothetical Q in the style of the beginning of Ultima
IV:Quest for the Avatar
(showing my antiquity there!)

You meet a fledgling squire in your kingdom that has heard of hackerspaces
in other realms and wishes to be involved in such awesomeness.   You also
know that your hackerspace will gladly take their money but hasn't even met
in months - and it is a grim wager that there will be any meeting anytime
soon - but you want to help support and save your space.  You also do not
want to rise any false hopes in the fledgling only to set them up for
almost certain and inevitable disappointment and perhaps turn them off of
the hackerspace concept altogether.  What do you say/do?

A:  Tell them that hackerspaces are AWESOME and that it's all about being
able to Relate/Collaborate/Incubate!  You hope to help build more interest
and membership - you say, "Hey there's one here in Brittania!  You should
come by and get involved and have fun!!!"  (this would be the loyalty

B:  Tell them that hackerspaces are AWESOME and that it's all about being
able to Relate/Collaborate/Incubate!  "I heard there's one here in
Brittania." but nothing else because you feel you are deceiving them if you
encourage them to come by a regularly scheduled meeting time that hasn't
seen anyone but yourself in months.  (i wish this was the honesty choice)

C:  Pretend you are ignorant of the existing HS and say "I KNOW HUH?!?!?!
Wanna start one!?!?!?!"  (again - dishonest)

Of course you don't want to say - OH don't go there - it's totally lame!
Nor do you want to tell someone that the "gang meets on every other
saturday afternoon" to have them show up and just look at you in an empty
space.  Been there WAY TOO MANY TIMES!
Def not going to make up excuses...

I don't know... that's the kind of delima going on here... Any decent
option D that anyone can come up with?
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