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Sun Nov 20 06:14:26 CET 2011

As many of you know, but for those who don't, I'm one of the people that
put on CarolinaCon (a hacker convention). Each year we run into the problem
of not knowing what other conventions maybe going on around the same time
as ours, only to find out after signing a contract with a hotel. This
happened to us again for this coming year and has happened to many others
in the past, So Deviant Ollam and myself have started HackerCons.org, While
we can't stop all scheduling conflicts, I think this can help. it's nothing
pretty to look at but it's got what we need, a basic calendar to keep track
of hackercons, maker faires and other computer/security conventions around
the world.

Check out the site and if you know of any conventions/events that should be
posted on the site, please contact us or have the event owners send us the
needed information. As of now there are only a few entries since the site
has only been up for 2 days. HackerCons.org and follow us on

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