[hackerspaces] Largest Hackerspaces in US

charlie x charlie at finitemonkeys.com
Wed Nov 16 04:22:19 CET 2011

It wasn’t  a suggestion not to do what miloh suggested, its an alternative. 
Plus a lot of us have been doing the same thing for decades and have had 
successful results with the simplicity. also didn't say it wasn't 
interesting,  but you can achieve this things easily.

I can see the different points of view on it, make things more appealing to 
some groups of individuals that are under represented, but at the same time 
I also see the same thing happen over and over again, peoples expectations 
of what to get at a hackerspace, we've had both types at our space, some 
people don't like it , some people do. its more of a not trying to be all 
things to all people, that’s why our motto is not saving the world, but a 
lot of people will read into that and assume it also means destroy it.

we're a very active space, we've taught probably a 1000  people and lots of 
projects, but it all comes from a simpler premise. (and we do it for free)

so just saying someone tried something and it didn't work for you, doesn’t 
mean it’s a flawed system. I know its all this new beginning and everyone 
wants to be the first, the most but so far I've not seen much that hasn't 
happened in similar groups 25 years ago, techy people tend to be a bit more 
open as it is, at least in comparison to other groups. I tend to go for the 
just get on with it method. We encourage self starters and generally people 
who turn up with a 'teach me' (not to be confused with I want to be learn ) 
tend not to come back.

But I do believe in horses for courses, sometimes it doesn't work., hence 
variety. people can read into it what they will, that’s fine, I don’t mind 
playing along with their stereotype.

diversity also includes opposition.

I grew up with the amiga share and enjoy ethic, all public domain stuff, 
giving away all our code and  that worked just fine, I'm happy to rinse and 
repeat that any day of the week.


After doing a *lot* of this rinse and repeating historically and
getting the same results, a lot of us see improving diversity and all
the other things Miloh listed as currently some of the most
interesting kinds of hacks to conduct.


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