[hackerspaces] Largest Hackerspaces in US

Will Bradley will at heatsynclabs.org
Wed Nov 16 03:40:15 CET 2011

Ahem! Big projects with long scope and inter-hackerspace collaboration.
This is like the space race of hackerspaces, I think. It's what we can do
once we've conquered obscurity, rent, and obtaining of resources.

I'd like to get HeatSync involved in whatever's going on, or if there is
nothing, start something. We did the nearspace balloon last year and are
doing another one at the moment... so much room to improve just on that! We
wanted to try for inter-balloon communication or some other milestone like
that. The Red Bull thing was fun but felt a little contrived in my opinion.
What can we do to get some synergy and increase the awesomeness? What's on
the wishlists of public figures like Lady Ada, Mitch, Willow..? What would
the OG Homebrewer, Woz, want from our generation?

I fully expect this to be something separate from this thread, but it's
been on my mind and is indeed a mark of a good hackerspace, in my opinion.
Personally I've been helping with 23b's open access control system and
trying to improve the state of our webcam matrix towards an eventual
inter-hackerspace persistent video wall.

The paint is hardly dry at HeatSync's first full location and we're at 50+
paying members; that said we've felt like (and been flatteringly told we
are) a world-class hackerspace for awhile now. It's not the size; it's who
shows up, what they're making, and how enjoyable/productive spending time
there is.
On Nov 15, 2011 5:42 PM, "miloh" <froggytoad at gmail.com> wrote:

> Reporting these member numbers feels like a pissing contest...
> Heres some important metrics for y'all to report on, a few of the metrics
> I think about try improving at noisebridge:
> 1)Improving gender ratio of the hackerspace
> 2)Improving diversity among members, as well as visitor traffic
> 3)Maintaining and improving usability 4)More big projects with long scope
> and inter-space collaboration
> 5 (my extra credit project)Learning to teach circuit hacking in spanish,
> german, and mandarin
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