[hackerspaces] Largest Hackerspaces in US

Charlie X Wallace charlie at finitemonkeys.com
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just build a place for people to hang out, have fun and do stuff. people turn up, get along and involved, or don’t. rinse repeat. if that ends up being genderishly diverse while improving usability and long scope inter-space colloboration, then so be it, probably.

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Reporting these member numbers feels like a pissing contest... 

Heres some important metrics for y'all to report on, a few of the metrics I think about try improving at noisebridge:  

1)Improving gender ratio of the hackerspace
2)Improving diversity among members, as well as visitor traffic 
3)Maintaining and improving usability 4)More big projects with long scope and inter-space collaboration
5 (my extra credit project)Learning to teach circuit hacking in spanish, german, and mandarin

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