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lars mai lars at pingfm.org
Wed Nov 9 11:10:21 CET 2011

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Hi gmc,

i'm lars from the sublab hackerspace in leipzig, germany. i think we
could help you out with one or two things - we're running a mostly
idle icecast server amongst other things, and have been thinking about
some netradio networking, too. i've done some netradio myself in the
past, so i think i might have a thing or two to contribute.

as for broadcast automation, i wonder if you have looked at savonet's
liquidsoap? [1]

feel free to contact me offlist, and i think we can work something out.



[1] http://savonet.sourceforge.net/

On 08.11.11 19:40, Koen Martens wrote:
> Hi All,
> As you may know, Signal has been broadcasting hackerspace-related
> content for more than a year now. While we have some shows that are
> going strong, others have not continued to produce new material on
> a 4-weekly basis.
> We want to continue bringing interesting and fun content, but need
> a little help.
> Most importantly, we notice that making a regular radio show
> requires some effort, and system administration of the streaming
> server and everything around it is something we never seem to get
> around to.
> So therefore this email: is there someone among the readers who
> wants to help out by taking up this task.
> Our wishes to be able to put Signal on the next level include: -
> automatic scheduling of shows - show submission interface (submit
> audio file, transcode to ogg/mp3, schedule for broadcast) - with
> submission, have shownotes et cetera - website needs overhaul,
> integrated with the above
> We've looked at some software, but haven't found anything good yet.
> And even if we did, we lack the time to install, configure and
> maintain it.
> There's a lot of freedom in how to shape the web-presence of
> signal, and we hope that we can find someone who is passionate
> about internet radio and has lots of ideas and initiative about
> this all.
> Well, let me know!
> Thanks,
> - gmc
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