[hackerspaces] bitcoin (Christopher Pilkington)

Yves Quemener quemener.yves at free.fr
Mon May 30 10:27:10 CEST 2011

On 05/30/2011 10:21 AM, Mel wrote:
> The bitcoin exchange rate is profoundly driven by speculation for the time
> being, it seems. The fact that bitcoins are getting more and more "buzz"
> around the Internet and media is not helping, which is why I don't think
> it's as stable as others deem it to be.

I doubt anyone sees at as stable :)
Is there any way to see the volume of transactions that are passed 
through currency exchange vs. the total volume of transactions ? I have 
the feeling that this is very high, like 90%, but I could be wrong, 
maybe the interest in bitcoin comes from a growth in buyable goods and 

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