[hackerspaces] bitcoin (Christopher Pilkington)

Yves Quemener quemener.yves at free.fr
Mon May 30 10:06:55 CEST 2011

> Its fun to watch the system unfold, im not sure it will be the final
> solution, once the last bitcoin is mined it will be interesting to see
> where the value of a bitcoin lands in the real world  (is it worth a
> coffee?  how about a cow? or a new laptop? right now sellers who offer
> goods for bitcoins, and bitcents are having the real issue of
> conversion prices,  when the snack store opened i tihnk theprices were
> great for $2.50 per btc, when the btc went up to $7 id have to say
> their prices were comparatively 600% over retail. (not real math just
> a guess) i see they are adjusting based on market averages but its
> still tricky.

You know, before this conversation I had in mind the 0.8$/BTC rate that 
was the one when I mined my 50 coins. I did not expect it to reach such 
heights quickly. 800% in less than 2 months seems somewhat excessive.

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