[hackerspaces] Please help us promote online privacy

Micah Lee micah at eff.org
Fri May 27 22:51:21 CEST 2011

Hi friends,

We're about to roll out a campaign at EFF to encourage organizations and 
individuals to run Tor relays. For those of you that don't know, Tor is 
software and a network of volunteers worldwide that help people be 
anonymous online by masking IP addresses. Individuals (like many 
bloggers in authoritarian regimes) need the Tor network to communicate 
safely. Unfortunately, the people who need Tor the most are often not in 
a position to run Tor relays and contribute to the Tor network. Those of 
us who care deeply about online privacy can make a tangible impact by 
participating in the Tor network. You can read more about Tor at 

EFF is reaching out to hacker spaces and privacy and free speech 
organizations and asking them to join us in helping to grow the Tor 
network. We're hoping that by working together as a movement, we can 
make a significant impact in the size of the Tor network - and help 
people worldwide safeguard their online privacy.

To participate, organizations and individuals need to set up a Tor 
relay. Please consider talking about your hacker space running a relay, 
and promoting the Tor Challenge to your members.

All relays count, including exit nodes, bridges and middle nodes. EFF 
has created an instructional video on setting up a Tor relay and we're 
updating our legal FAQ to provide a more detailed analysis about how 
U.S. law applies to Tor. Check out the video here (and the Tor website 
has plenty of documentation for other platforms as well): 

Organizations and individuals that participate in our challenge will be 
thanked on our social media accounts and promoted on our website. I'm 
emailing you now because I'd like to give the privacy community a 
head-start. It's my hope that when we roll out this campaign next week, 
the initial participants will be the many organizations in the privacy 
community who are working hard to defend consumer privacy -- giving EFF 
an opportunity to publicly promote your great work.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. And, 
please do not promote this campaign publicly until we launch next week. 
But of course feel free to forward this email to your internal hacker 
space lists.

Micah Lee
Web Developer - Electronic Frontier Foundation
micah at eff.org - https://www.eff.org/

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