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Wed May 18 02:52:18 CEST 2011

Most of the members who pay the $20 do put in the 5 hours and more. We
are generally very lax about what constitutes your 5 hours. As long as
someone is a good member of the community and is not sitting off in a
corner at all times never interacting, they generally make their 5
hours through physical work or just by contributing ideas and
conversation to the space.

There is only a small population that do not contribute regularly and
pay the $20/month. Most of those people are ones that visit the space
the least (only 4-5 hours a month at most) and the few that remain are
reminded of the minimums. We have yet to give anyone an ultimatum over

I would definitely say that we would like more room in our budget for
project materials sometimes, but we working on a project sponsorship
framework so people can raise money (easily) for a project they want
to work on from local individuals and businesses.

On Tue, May 17, 2011 at 3:19 PM, Jeff Cotten <omegix at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Matt, what was your experience from this system.  Do the members that pay
> $20 a month actually put in their work hours?  Is it enforced, or does it
> work on the honor system?  Have you had to tell anyone yet to put in their
> hours or change over to the $60 donation?
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> At Buffalo Lab we have a very low minimum payment ($20 /month)
> supplemented by required work hours. Work hours being things to
> improve the space: running a SIG group, working on a community
> project, cleaning, building, etc. We also have a $60/month membership
> that is not required to do the extra work hours. We encourage everyone
> to pay as much as they can in excess of the $20 and about half of the
> members pay more, in the range of $25 - $50/month. Between that and
> donations solicited from SIG attendees we make our expenses.
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