[hackerspaces] Thinkgeek wants to get rid of some junk…..

Buddy Smith buddy.smith at ieee.org
Thu Mar 31 17:22:36 CEST 2011


Or, http://thinkgeek.com/blog/2011/03/take-these-broken-things.html?cpg=fb

We have a problem. And it's growing at a rate proportional to our return pile.

We can't, in good conscience, resell damaged electronics. And we can't
donate them to charity--the saddest kid in the world is one with a
handheld video game that won't turn on. Garbage, then? Not good for
the environment.

Luckily for us, there's an entire class of scavengers out there ready
to pick the bones of our helicopters, keyboards, and interactive
t-shirts: hackers, makers, and crafty techy types.

Whether it's in a school's technology lab, or a FIRST Robotics team,
or your neighborhood hackerspace, we're betting somebody out there
would enjoy getting a box of broken stuff from us every couple of
months--and then use the parts and pieces for good, not evil.

While we can't promise anything right now, we're very seriously
considering setting up such a subscription and we're ready to gather
contact information from those who are interested. Sign up below and
we'll see where this goes!

A few notes and caveats:

By filling out the form, you vow to make something awesome and you
won't be a jerk and sell our borked things on eBay. (We'll be
We hope you'll send us photos and updates on projects--we want to see
our liddle things all growed up!
Our warehouse is in Columbus, Ohio, and groups in that area that can
pick up boxes are ideal, but we'll work out some shipping options for
others. (It would help enormously if you can pick up the tab.)
International hackers, we'll see, but it could be very expensive to
ship to you.

PS: I am not affiliated with thinkgeek. I signed up on behalf of
Freeside ATL, though. (Freesiders take note, we've been signed up)

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