[hackerspaces] sticker exchange

Deech deech at ninjacow.net
Mon Mar 7 17:27:17 CET 2011

Arch Reactor should get our stickers out the door this week. They are done,
we just have to finish cutting them off the sheet and mailing them. Hope you
all like them, our resident print maker geek worked hard on them. They were
all screen printed by hand and then run through a machine to add adhesive.
The stuff he used ended up looking like solder once set. They are really
cool. We should have about 50 or so to send in. (actually, we have somewhere
around 60 or so, but they are so cool, we can't give *all* of them away.) :)

For those that know him, John R. rocks serious. All we asked for was a quick
photshop job so we can order stickers. What we got were awesome hand printed
custom decals. Classic hacker response. "Taking simple one hour jobs and
turning them into complicated two week projects with no apparent reason or
profit other than adding 100% more awesome sauce."

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