[hackerspaces] That one person...

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Wed Mar 2 14:03:49 CET 2011

First of all, I'm truly sorry to write this as an Anonymous Coward, 
however this case is somewhat sensitive because it revolves around 
a single person. 

Have your hackerspace ever needed to cope with 'that one person' 
that seems to be so active that other people seem to fade in 
activity, not because s/he is that active, just because his/her 
mere presence drains other members' hacker vein completely?

This particular person dominates to a degree where other members 
have ceased to hang out in the space. It is not because of bad 
hygiene, it is not because he breaks anything, it's all about 
domination. He actually does a lot of good, solid work in the 
space, and he helps people. But when people disagree with him, he 
gets (passively) aggressive, and is generally not 'excellent' to be 
around. This leads to a generally tense atmosphere in the space, 
which understandably scares some of our best hackers away.

My cowardly anonymous questions to you all are:

1. Have your space ever needed to cope with a person like this?
2. What did you do about it? 
3. What happened? Did it help?

Thanks for your insight.

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