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The Makery from UHawaii Manoa is an interesting twist on the FabLab concept - Dr Neil Scott focuses on middle/high school kids, giving them hands on projects in electronics, basic woodworking and CNC, leading up to building a Hawaiian Steel Guitar. His Classroom Makery is a workcenter that goes into the school or community center. He has one going into Kihei Charter this fall and one in an Oahu community center next year. The Makery Cloud concept links these and his Central Makery to share resources - and extends to outside groups like commercial fab shops and hackerspaces.

Above link is to our blog post on the Makery, and includes link to our flickr set with LOTs of pictures, including some renderings of the workcenter they propose.

I like the idea of the Makery Cloud - where schools, commercial and community centers can share resources. If you need to build something, but need a larger CNC mill than the desktop one you have, there may be one accessible in the Makery Cloud.

Jerry Isdale

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