[hackerspaces] Announcement: PartKeepr - Electronic Component Database

Timo A. Hummel privat at timohummel.com
Tue Jun 14 12:03:34 CEST 2011

> I noticed the reference of 'self-healing' part stock levels in the FAQ;
> however I'm wondering whether you're planning on implementing to read
> specific part names from QR or barcodes? Like, if you're taking some
> part, simply scanning a label on that drawer to update its stock level
> would sound more easy to me than necessarily having to browse for it?
We thought about barcode/QR printing for storage locations, but have not 
yet decided if it would be useful. As we usually have more than one part 
in the same storage location, that would be pretty hard to achieve if we 
simply would add a QR code to the box itself. But if you have only one 
kind of parts in each storage location, well, that would work of course. 
Since we start out to add inlays to each storage location, we could of 
course add QR codes to them. I'm not sure if "inlay" is the correct 
term; I can link a picture of what I mean with that.

> In any way, I'd suggest adding the appropriate PartKeepr links to the HS
> Software wiki page, if you like:
> https://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Hackerspace_Software
Thanks, I just added it!

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