[hackerspaces] hacker passport, international hacker memberiship, resources sharing

Ross Smith rsmith at i3detroit.com
Mon Jun 13 14:55:15 CEST 2011

The reason I would never support a hacker passport is that it would involve
me refusing hacker guests who don't possess one.

Seriously, unless someone is going to be in my space, consuming its
resources at the expense of my membership for several weeks, I don't see any
problem with a completely informal system.  If a visiting hacker will
require the resources of my space in that way, we'll work out an ad hoc
agreement.  It certainly doesn't happen often enough to be a systematic
problem requiring a systematic solution.

Rules are bad; we only need them when the problems are worse.  As such I
rejoyce at the idea that hackers cooperate on the basis of being intelligent
people rather than participants in a system.
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