[hackerspaces] FUCK TOP QUOTING

Ron Bean makerspace at rbean.users.panix.com
Sun Jun 12 02:47:00 CEST 2011

James Arlen <myrcurial at thinkhaus.org> writes:

>Also, you need to learn that much like smoking is no longer fashionable,
>making me scroll to read your answer is now understood to have negative
>health effects.

I've never understood this "making me scroll" stuff-- doesn't everyone
just hit the spacebar for the next screen?

In any case, if you quote properly, the first part of your reply should
be on the first screen. There's no point in reposting the entire message 
and then putting a reply at the bottom-- just quote the part you're 
replying to. This has been the traditional method since forever. 
[Hint: block delete is easy in most editors.]

"Bottom posting" is just as bad as "top posting", and both are 
relatively recent phenomena. But in either case, what annoys me is the
people who don't put a blank line in between the quote and their reply,
so everything runs together. It makes it very hard to see what's what.

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