[hackerspaces] CC-licensed Maker Pedagogy (Lesson Plans, etc)?

Jerry Isdale isdale at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 21:32:17 CEST 2011

Lindsay Craig of Spark Fun Electronics posted the following note to the Open Manufacturing google group:
Hi all, 
Jerry pointed me towards this discussion after we met at Maker Faire 
in San Mateo. I wanted simply to let you guys know about our free 
teacher supportive materials that we will soon be offering to everyone 
on SparkFun.com. We already have lots of tutorials and what not but we 
are also developing materials to help educators do their job with 
technology they may not have deal with before. Basically trying to 
support all you educators out there. Our Department of Education at 
SparkFun is fairly small and new, but we've got big aspirations. The 
exciting part is that we offer all the educational materials for free. 
This should interest all you homeschoolers. To sign up for our 
Newsletter go to learn.sparkfun.com. Or watch the website and we 
will let you know where you can get those materials the second they 
are official. Here's hoping that hackerspaces can become a larger part 
of the education system. 


The learn.sparkfun.com site is currently just a signup page but the materials Spark Fun is developing look interesting (i got a sneak peek).  Most deal with the Spark Fun Inventor Kit (SIK), which is an arduino based collection of parts.

Glad to see a vendor making a sincere effort to promote education.
Spark Fun also has some decent discount options for hackerspaces and educators.

Jerry Isdale

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