[hackerspaces] Do your spaces have a theft problem? How do you deal with it?

overflo flo at tekstix.com
Fri Jul 22 18:17:54 CEST 2011

 > Have any of your spaces had this problem, and what have you
> done about it?

at metalab vienna we had some trouble with thieves.
there were some laptops stolen and money from the open fridge-collection 
box went missing.
one time a camera was stolen from the last corner of the lab behind 3 
doors, where no stranger would ever go and find it..

we discussed this a lot and had ideas like tagging a decoy with 
technology similar to the one found in shopping malls..
some folks said cameras are a good idea.. most members are against 
surveillance tough..

we decided that we should educate members and raise the awareness that 
the metalab is an open space.
if you wouldnt leave your laptop at a parkbank you shouldnt leave it on 
a table at the lab.

if you wouldn't leave your camera in a plastic bag in a public library, 
you shouldn't do so at the lab..

there is simply no way to make an environment secure without becoming 

security = loss of freedom.
freedom is a highly valued good at the metalab so we rather not start 
taking it down because of some stolen goods.

of course there is a bitter taste from the whole scenario and to know 
that there are thieves amongst us gives me the shivers.

we started to implement a payment system that should replace the open 
cash collection at the soda fridge, but we didnt finish it.


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