[hackerspaces] Experience with sonar technology, anyone?

riot lists.riot at fedev.eu
Wed Jul 13 19:31:24 CEST 2011

On 13.07.2011 01:03, Mel wrote:
> Hey Riot,
> My friend Nikki recently worked on something similar for a street game
> she was designing a few months ago. Checkie that :
> http://npugh.co.uk/tag/sonar_goggles/

Thanks, that was interesting - yet it is only suitable as dry sonar.
I found these at sparkfun and some places elsewhere.

Then i found some transducers for underwater operation, but they're not really
satisfying, as they are expensive and complicated to use :/

I'm a bit puzzled by that since there are (even cheap!) commercial fish finders
with great useability and resolution...

Look at this bad ass:

Okay, 1 kW is way more than i really need and have at disposal ;)

I found this: http://explore.mohodisco.com/boat.pdf
which is quite interesting. But as it seems the guy just picks up depth-data (no
more) via serial from such a hummingbird fishfinder. Its a start, but i'd rather
have e.g. linescans (with a good resolution) from the underwater surface..


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