[hackerspaces] Sleeping at Hackerspaces

dosman dosman at packetsniffers.org
Wed Jul 13 08:28:03 CEST 2011

Our new space has a shower, but about the only hard rule we have is "no living in the space". That doesn't mean people can't sleep there once in a while if they are visiting from out of town or on a 72 hour hacking spree, just that our space is no longer a primary residence for anyone. Our previous location had a couple tenants in the same building (a dual zoned house in a downtown district), and that puts a crimper on any activity involving noise at night. Hopefully you find that your situation works for your space.


On Jul 8, 2011, at 10:37 AM, Agent 5 wrote:

> Question: If YOU were to crash at a Hackerspace you were visiting, for a day or a week, what would be your ideal experience? What resources would you want available?
> We accidentally made bunks at The Brain Tank and realized we could start offering them to visitors. So far we're thinking between personal recommendations/street cred, a simple signed agreement (If you break it you buy it), holding onto something of value such as a credit card number, RFID key access control, and our video security system (or any combination of them) would do the trick to differ the interest in theft.
> We do need a shower though. That would be huge. Possibly have some ramen and coffee available should budget allow. Lockers would be good.
> The Brain Tank in Providence is very walkable. Lots of art, great places to eat/booze, cheap food stores within 2 blocks, huge mall and cinema within 3, music venues, comedy events, river within throwing distance, beaches within 30minutes drive/bus route, art shows, and generally cool folk (very low crime in the areas i travel)... Every weekend is a vacation here and I dig showing people around (you can use my Kayak or eBike and show yourself around too).
> I'd like to get the concept formalized a bit further so we can start offering basic sleeping quarters. 
> Everyone responding has helped quite a bit already. 
> -Dave Johnson

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