[hackerspaces] Introducing Open Call for GDD 2011!

Constantin Hofstetter consti at consti.de
Tue Jul 12 10:41:50 CEST 2011

The Google Developer Day in Germany will be on
November 19th in Berlin.

If you know a Android/Google-API-of-you-choice - "Superstar"
-Developer, let me know and I'll try to reserve him/her a special
seat/ticket :)

Forwarding a mail from the German GTUG Mailinglist:

-- . - .- .-.. .- -...   .-. --- -.-. -.- ...

Google Developer Days is right around the corner and we have some
exciting news!

You’re hearing it from us first, your local GTUG organizers!
The newest in developer showcases is coming to Google Developer Days:
Open Call 2011!

Partnering with the Google Developer Days organizers, we wanted to
give you a way to really show your peer developers what you’re made
of.  So for 2011, Google and GTUGs are inviting our most passionate
developers to participate in Open Call for Google Developer Day for a
chance to showcase your work alongside your peers from eight GDD
countries around the world.

Just as a reminder, there will be a standard application process where
every developer will be required to complete a short questionnaire and
optional Developer Quiz.

This year’s Open Call challenges will focus on the Android ADK and
HTML5 platforms, while giving you a chance to make Germany proud!  No
matter which challenge you choose, your submission must reflect our
regional culture,  be this through music, creative imagery, lighting
or colors--the opportunities are endless!

A panel of experienced german developers hand-picked by us will select
10 submissions from each of the challenges to be featured online and
in-person at our Google Developer Day on 19th of November.  Open Call
is an optional supplement to your GDD registration, though you might
get extra credit for participating.  In many cases, this will also
mean that you secure your spot at GDD before registration opens to the

The Android ADK Open Call will be announced on July 18 with the HTML5
Open Call following on August 1.

In the meantime, start by brushing up on your skills and familiarizing
yourself with the guidelines for the showcases at the Open Call
website.  See below for challenge timelines (this can also be viewed
on the Open Call website).
(note: Website will be online very soon!)

Monday, July 18 - Android ADK Challenge: Round 1, 9AM PDT (Launch 1)
                          30 MINUTES TO COMPLETE
Monday, July 18 - Android ADK Challenge: Round 1, 5PM PDT (Launch 2)
                          30 MINUTES TO COMPLETE
Monday, July 18 - Those advancing to Round 2 notified within 1 hour of
close of challenge
Monday, July 25 - Android ADK Challenge: Round 2 design document, 5PM PDT

Monday, August 1 - HTML5 Challenge Announced, 9AM PST
Monday, August 8 - HTML5 Challenge Submissions Due, 5PM PDT

Curious about your local GTUG?
Learn more at http://gtug.at/

See the GDD website for the latest on locations, sessions and agenda.
Looking forward to seeing you at #gdd2011!

Google Developer Day (GDD) will come to eight cities around the world in 2011.
These one-day events feature deep technical content on Google
platforms and products from the teams the work on them.

Join us for the latest developments in Android, Chrome, HTML5, App
Engine and more in a city near you.

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