[hackerspaces] Egyptian uprising, internet shutsdown and ham radio

Yves Quemener quemener.yves at free.fr
Fri Jan 28 13:07:32 CET 2011


as of today, Egypt has been severed from Internet. Mobile connexions 
have been shutdown in big cities. Intermittent dial-up and DSL 
connection happen but don't last long.

A group named "we rebuild" (http://www.werebuild.eu) is trying to 
establish ham radio links and helping mirror documents (especially 
protests videos) that were censored by the government before the 
internet shutdown. If you have ham radio knowledge, or if you are an 
arabic speaker, or if you can mirror a website somewhere, your help will 
be greatly welcomed.
#jan25 : general discussion about the events (especially the technical side)
#streisand : anti-censorship effort
#hamradio : trying to get radio links working


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