[hackerspaces] Hack42: The Arnhem Hackerspace just got its SPACE - shout-out for assistance

Rick Deckardt rick at deckardt.nl
Wed Jan 26 00:25:20 CET 2011

Ohai fellow hackers!

For all interested and living in the vicinity of Arnhem, the Netherlands:

The Arnhem Hackerspace HACK42 just got its 200m2 SPACE. Today we filled
it with a lot of nice stuff to experiment and tinker with and enjoyed
our first dinner with the early #42-members. But there is still a lot to
be done.

In the next few weeks we'll sort out the stuff and do some interior
decorating and prep for the 'Grand Opening'.

We can use a hand in making this "the Most Awesome Space in the
Universe"(tm)(c)(reverb). So if you live in/around Arnhem, drop by to
lend us a hand and please consider joining us.

More info here:
  http://hack42.nl/ (wiki will be updated soon)

Keep on hacking!

Best regards,

Rick Deckardt

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