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Mel mel at hackersouverts.fr
Thu Jan 13 16:56:45 CET 2011

Thanks for your answer Ross ! Certainly good food for thoughts. Go Detroit
;) I'll make sure to drop by next I tour the US if that's ok and should I
bump into interesting urban environment resources, I'll make sure to send
them your way !

All the best,

2011/1/13 Ross Smith <rsmith at i3detroit.com>

> Hi Mel!
> > It seems I've heard hackers here and there mentioning moving to Detroit
> and
> > turning it into "hackerstown" - possibly meaning coming to the area to
> > settle and help rebuild its economical and social fabric through
> > hackerspace-like structures and entrepreneurship. Is it something you've
> > heard of as well ? What would your take on that be ?
> > Cheers !
> I must agree.  I can't say Detroit will be more or less of a
> hackerstown than other very admirable places, but this area is fertile
> ground for hackerspaces.  There are many prevailing reasons, but
> without getting into the details too much, they include:
> 1) High density of academic, engineering and technical talent here due
> to the auto industry - hence many people likely to be hackers and
> DIYers
> 2) Very low cost of commercial rental real estate - as the economic
> conditions here forced many businesses to close, leaving commercial
> landlords lowering their rates
> 3) High demand for community among Michigander locals - as layoffs and
> economic turmoil disturb the fabric of our lives, we have a strong
> need for community, networking, and dependable friends in this area
> 4) Entrepreneurship - many artists in the underground Metro Detroit
> community  need spaces like i3 to do their work while keeping costs
> down; likewise many self-starting people use i3's resources as a
> platform to start their own business, as they have been dissatisfied
> with layoffs or seasonal employment
> This means we have many committed hackers making their local
> hackerspace a larger part of their own lives, and willing to share it
> with all their like-minded friends.  The conditions are right - now
> it's up to us locals to make the culture grow and become as vibrant as
> it can be.
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> right." -- Henry Ford
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