[hackerspaces] A New Hacker Has Joined Your Party!

Ross Smith rsmith at i3detroit.com
Thu Jan 13 15:02:03 CET 2011

Heya GMC!

> Welcome to the list! So how is the heating doing at i3detroit, fixed
> that yet or still gathering around a single petroleum burner?? :))

Very happy to report that our new heating system is installed.  It's
warm enough for some of our members at the Detroit Flyhouse (trapeze
performance with aerial silks!  http://www.detroitflyhouse.com/  ) to
practice in the common area.  We are getting comments that it's often
warmer in our warehouse area than the front offices.  All without
breaking the bank and going with a fully legit contractor.  In the end
we went with a more efficient form of forced air heating.  I would
have liked a combination of forced air and radiant tube, but it just
wasn't in the budget.

I thought of you the other day.  A friend of ours is considering a
membership at i3.  He has several pinball machines and repairs them
for a hobby.

Working diligently on our next installment for Signal!  More of the
FIRST robotics story, this time told from the perspective of
robot-building high school students in Metro Detroit.

Ross Smith
evolutioneer at gmail.com

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