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> The .csv list is very cool however after looking at it I am wondering where
> the source data is coming from. It looks like our space is not included in
> the .csv file unless I have missed something. We are listed in the wiki
> here: http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/CT_Hackerspace  but do not show up in the
> list.  Is there perhaps another location on the site we should "register"
> with?

very true, I just tried various limit settings on that query [1], and
had to find out there's a maximum count of 500 rows for regular users.

As the mediawiki wiki [2] puts it:
'All list queries return a limited number of results. This limit is 10
by default, and can be set as high as 500 for regular users, or 5000 for
users with the apihighlimits right (typically bots and sysops). Some
modules impose stricter limits under certain conditions. If you're not
sure which limit applies to you and just want as many results as
possible, set the limit to max. In that case, a <limits> element will be
returned, specifying the limits used.'

So as long as you result list's <= 501 lines, we still haven't found a
solution to the problem. (cc TECH FOLKS! LISTEN UP!)
Please hold ;)

Hack on,

[1] queries can easily be tested via
http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Special:Ask - is this case, the CVS query
from the documentation page can be used and the 'limit' value in the URL
changed like, for instance, /limit%3D200
[2] http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/API:Lists

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