[hackerspaces] What's your recording setup?

Mo Morsi mo at morsi.org
Sat Feb 12 18:11:17 CET 2011

  On 02/12/2011 07:41 AM, Hans Fraiponts wrote:
> Hi, for my local hackerspace I'd like to record talks.
> I have a few usb webcams, a microphone and a computer.
> I'd like to be able to switch between cams, set the audio to
> microphone and I'd like the output to be recorded to harddrive.
> Just like the professionals ;-)
> Does anyone know an open source toolchain that would allow me to do so?
> If not how do you handle recordings in your space?
> Grts,
> Hans F.
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Slightly different, but in the same vein as recording talks, we setup a 
live feed using an Axis 205 webcam at the Syracuse Innovators Guild. You 
can check it out here


I'm curious as to the hackerspace community's thoughts on live feeds. 
Part of me says its a cool feature, but part of me says its a bit too 
invasive. Obviously we're recording the video for a limited time for 
security purposes, but not sure if we want to keep this video stream 
public. Thoughts?

   -Mo Morsi

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