[hackerspaces] Speaking of shwag exchange...

Koen Martens gmc at sonologic.nl
Fri Feb 11 12:00:40 CET 2011


On Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 08:40:24PM -0600, Deech wrote:
> At Arch Reactor, I thought it'd be fun to build a "Friends of AR" wall
> around our logo.
> Our intrepid ambassador Bob brought us back some T-shirts from QC Co-Lab and
> I tacked one up on the wall. Now it looks lonely.
> We need more! I think we have about 5 t-shirts left from our last printing,
> size L-XL.
> Anybody wanna trade T shirts so I can add some more to our wall?
> I don't care what size, so feel free to send me the odd size that you
> couldn't get rid of. :)
> If anyone wants to just send me one, I'll put that up too. I'll post a
> picture of the completed wall when it's done.

Coincidentally, I am currently setting up a hackerspace shirts webshop.

The idea is simple, just get as many hackerspace shirts on the shop as
possible, either by taking orders and forward them to the hackerspaces
themselves, or getting and/or producing the shirts for them. We noticed
a lot of interest for our revspace shirt, which sparked the idea. I'm
generaly really interested in shirts from other spaces.

Could be a nice source of income for the hackerspaces, and just a cool
shop for me to get my clothing :) I prefer going to the spaces themselves
to pick up the shirts, but hey, my budget is quite limited because i
never can get myself to do real work, and always am on the ideological
rampage :)



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