[hackerspaces] February 2011 - Synchronous Hackathon - 555 Timer Challenge

Robert Fitzsimons robfitz at 273k.net
Tue Feb 8 15:59:38 CET 2011

The February Synchronous Hackathon [1] is going to take place over the
weekend of 19th and 20th.  The results for the very successful Cupcake
Challenge will be announced on the Sunday 20th at 3pm EST.

As a follow up challenge we're asking spaces to participate in the 555
Contest [2] over the hackathon weekend.  I believe we've been able to
arranged a special hackerspaces category and the normal rules of the 555
contest will apply.

Stick a 555 in it, make it big, make it hackerspace-centric, make it


1.  http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/Synchronous_Hackathon/2011-02-19
2.  http://www.555contest.com/

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