[hackerspaces] Start a Kickstarter for Your Laser Cutter Today

tetsu yatsu tetsuharu at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 08:17:56 CET 2011


Now I may just be high off sublimated acrylic fumes, but I love our lab's
laser cutter and I want everyone to have this chance. I cut out 15 Hudson-CI
logos to entice people at my work to buy into continuous integration, 8
stupid keychain things, and I couldn't help but fill the sheet with little
rockets that say 'derp' on them. Now I have 2 dozen 'derp' rockets. And I'm
cutting out a big wooden Github Octocat made by our member JohnBentCope,
which my girlfriend thinks is adorable, and was a big hit at the MagicRuby

I want everyone to have a laser cutter.

If you start a kickstarter for getting a laser cutter, I will donate.

There's the link. Doesn't cost anything. Just do it.

Worst that'll happen is you'll not get a laser cutter, which is where you
are now.

Come on.

I got my pocket book out. Let's get you a laser cutter.
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