[hackerspaces] hackerspaces.tv

Jens Christian Hillerup jens at hillerup.net
Tue Dec 27 22:16:02 CET 2011

Hi folks!

I was just reminded that I am the owner of hackerspaces.tv, looking at
my GoDaddy summary after reading this call to action:

I bought the domain after a thread on this list was discussing what to
do with all these TLDs for which we didn't have hackerspace(s).TLD.
Then, as it happens, the project sanded out and I got no further. The
idea was to have a common FTP-or-whatever server with anonymous login
where spaces could just upload their content which would be made
available in both its original format (from the same FTP) and for
streaming online.

Now, I'll be moving this domain to NameCheap the day after tomorrow.
If anybody has any ideas or additions to my proposal, I'd like to hear

... Perhaps even at the 28c3? Contact me off-list, I don't have a DECT
set up yet.


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