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Stewart Dickson MathArt at Emsh.CalArts.edu
Mon Dec 26 15:30:24 CET 2011

A former member of the MakerSpace in Urbana, IL has gone on to the New 
America Foundation's Open Technology Initiative 
<http://oti.newamerica.net/dashboard>.   See an article about their 
experiments in Mesh-Wifi at OccupyDC:



On 12/26/11 4:00 AM, Overflo wrote:
> hi todd,
> i am forwarding your email to the discuss list of austrias funkfeuer
> network.
> it actually works very similar to what you are planning.
> there is tons of documentation in their wiki.
> as for the hardware you might be interested to translate this page:
> http://wiki.funkfeuer.at/index.php/Hardware
> @funkfeuer_discuss: please answer directly to todd he is not a subscriber
> of this list.
> best regards from austria
> -flo
> On Mon, 26 Dec 2011 03:33:17 -0600, Todd<todd at cruxtech.net>  wrote:
>> I am looking to build a mesh network in chicago, The way we are planning
>> to do it is, we have an uplink set up in a datacenter downtown with a
>> 100mbit connection, and a place for the antenna on the building that
>> will go across the street to the 1st hop, which will then have several
>> point to point links to the greater mesh network. So the plan is
>> primarily to have many meshes, probably about 20, each with ~8 wireless
>> routers, which are connected via point to point bridges. None of this is
>> commercial, so we will not be worrying about things like zoning fr the
>> antennas since they will all be on private properties. My question is,
>> does this sound like a good plan, and if so, what specific hardware
>> should be looking to use ?
>>    Please be specific as in technically specific (5ghz 16.5dbi yagi
>> antenna) or list the manufacturer/link to hardware that is being
> suggested.
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