[hackerspaces] lunar calendar recommendations?

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Yes using the lunar calendar directly can and probably to a degree will influence my judgment. On the other hand science or not (I've few degree in that) I know that moon has very strong effect on humans so in my case it is just more about tuning. I need rather to have the "exact moon phase" in my face and after that I can plot. There are gong to be experiments which are not going to be based on me and how I'm feeling rather on working with various cultures, plants etc. 

So I agree with the thinking behind which you propose >> The protocolyou are proposing will most likely just reinforce preexisting beliefs.>>however I do think that I'm going to be able to avoid most of the "I believe so so it so". I've to also say that I'm rather more relaxed with the "pure science" after doing it for ten years or so. Science is great but just so far.

As I said years will show, I'm really looking forward for that.

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I won't get into this discussion about the moon effects, but I just want
to react on this :
> Anyway I'll have to investigate more on that and I think that to
> switch for lunar calendar will help me to be able to see the effects
> of the moon phases on me more clearly, so in a year or two I can
> report on that a bit, it will take time ...
Switching to the lunar calendar will make you more aware of the current
phase of the moon and will on the contrary impair your ability to
objectively observe the effects on moon phases on yourself. The protocol
you are proposing will most likely just reinforce preexisting beliefs.

If you seriously want to study the effects of the moon phases, you
should do so through subjects that are foreign to the system you want to
prove,otherwise you open yourself to confirmation bias
(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confirmation_bias) that has proven to
exist even in honest observers that consciously try to be objective.
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