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Jacob Rosenthal jjrosent at heatsynclabs.org
Fri Dec 23 16:38:53 CET 2011

(I posted the following to the Space Federation atrium a while ago,
apologies if this is a repost for you)

The past 2 years we've caravanned as many of our community out to Bay Area
Maker Faire as we could so they could experience the excellence of it all
and join the national conversation that we're starting to have.

Because of this we've met Willow and have ties to ~10 other spaces.
 Heatsync Labs is up and running and we have some breathing room now, and
it appears Space Federation is in somewhat the same position.

That being the case I think we (the community) are in a position to do big
things at Bay Area Maker Faire this year.
If you haven't been, 2 years ago we had a hackerspace panel and ~3 spaces
with tables.  Last year was a whole room and near ~10 spaces with tables
with soldering, knitting, 3d printing and more!

What does a REAL hackerspace village look like though? Is it just us
all separately having tables trying to announce our presence to the world?
 It doesn't seem like it would be tools, in light of the many other
soldering locations and especially in light of the fact that Techshop is
bringing all their stuff down every year.  Sparkfun, Mitch,  Make and
others have soldering fairly well covered.

Can we work together on something larger than ourselves this year? Hardware
and or software hackathons like GameSave?
What services can we provide other hackerspaces and hackerspace hopefuls?

Jacob Rosenthal
Champion | HeatSync Labs
480.389.4743 | jacob at heatsynclabs.org
Twitter: @heatsynclabs @jacobrosenthal
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